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Табір “Водограй” День 11

Сьогодні день в таборі пройшов активно! Дітки демонстрували свої таланти, створювали “конвертики щастя” та виконували різноманітні руханки)


The third day “GoСamp”

The third day of our work has finished and we want to share with you our success, achievements and impressions. “GoСamp” participants continued to work on project ” We are different but we have a lot in common”.
They created “Tree of emotions” and left their colorful handprints which symbolized children’s mood. Moreover students and Ella printed and presented “Treasure map” developing their imagination, creative thinking and speaking skills. There were active discussions on different topics with Ella, so that children and our volunteer mentioned that their communication became open-minded and language barrier was broken.
To finish with, we watched “Inside Out” cartoon that promoted students’ critical thinking.

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